Corey Blanchette’s 365 Song Project

The 365 photos meme was quite popular last year (despite the 366 day leap year). I might have joined, but it’s unlikely I would have finished. Instead, I’ve been pushing my my brother-in-law Corey Blanchette, nicknamed CoreyB or CoreyB603, to do 365 songs in 2009. He launched on January first and since then has done […] » about 200 words

Tags, Folksonomies, And Whose Library Is It Anyway?

I was honored to join the conversation yesterday for the latest Talis Library 2.0 Gang podcast, this one on folksonomies and tags. The MP3 is already posted and, as usual, it makes me wonder if I really sound like that. Still, listen to the other participants, they had some great things to say and made […] » about 600 words

Go Get Yer Podcast On

<a href="http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/alesis-firewire-and-usb-podcasting-kits-163761.php" title="Alesis FireWire and USB Podcasting Kits - Gizmodo">Gizmodo pointed out</a> these <a href="http://www.alesis.com/product.php?id=99" title="Alesis :: USB Podcasting Kit">USB</a> and <a href="http://www.alesis.com/product.php?id=100" title="Alesis :: FireWire Podcasting Kit">FireWire podcasting kits</a> from Alesis. The package gets you a (hopefully not sucky) microphone with desktop stand, headphones, a carrying case, podcast production software, Cubase LE recording and editing software, and a digital mixer that plugs directly into the computer via USB or FireWire (duh). The US$400 <a href="http://www.alesis.com/product.php?id=37">USB version</a> does two channels of 16bit/44.1 KHz audio while the US$600 <a href="http://www.alesis.com/product.php?id=40">FireWire model</a> cranks eight channels of 24bit/48KHz sound. » about 100 words

PodBop Rocks Your Calendar

Ryan Eby pointed out PodBop, a site that podcasts sample tracks from bands coming to your area (or any other area you select), and we both wished we’d thought of it ourselves. There’s nothing coming to Warren (of course). But they’ve got coverage for Denver, where I’ll be in May, so it immediately found a […] » about 300 words

Six Weapons of Influence

Ken forwarded me this podcast of Robert Cialdini speaking on his Six Weapons of Influence, which he lists as

  • Reciprocation
  • Commitment and consistency
  • Social proof
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity

Cialdini’s book is in its fourth edition, and has apparently been adopted as a text for more than a few classes and the concepts have worked their way into everybody’s marketing seminars. Motivation speaker and marketing yakyak Patricia Fripp summarizes those six weapons like this:

  • The Old Give and Take–and Take
  • Hobgoblins of the Mind
  • Truths Are Us
  • The Friendly Thief
  • Directed Deference
  • The Rule of the Few

Academics often feel uncomfortable mixing marketing in their fields, but isn’t it worth a look?