Civic Comparators

It’s from early 2007, but Cameron Marlow’s comparison of SF to NYC neighborhoods and Jason Kottke’s comparison of the physical geography are amusing to me as a new San Franciscan. On the other hand, is it a sign of civic insecurity to make such comparisons? » about 100 words

Dangerous Grains Call For Drastic Measures

“The Office of Emergency Management, the New York City Fire Department, Department of Buildings, NYPD, Health Department, and Department of Agriculture” all apparently showed up to evict 200 tenants from a building called the “kibbutz” in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Why? “Dangerous grains,” and a matzoh bakery. It’s been labeled Matzo-Gate, and speculation is rampant that the eviction was spurred by developers eyeing the now fashionable neighborhood. Gothamist has a picture.

Dance Dance Revolution, NYC

I caught the following story on NPR’s All Things Considered (RealAudio stream) last night: New York is known for its vibrant nightlife, yet in many bars and restaurants it’s illegal to dance. Now, a law professor is challenging the “Cabaret Laws,” claiming they violate a dancer’s right of free expression. The city says dancing by […] » about 300 words

Video Bulb and Zakka Shop NYC

The Video Bulb is a “lipstick-sized tube” that plugs in to your TV’s RCA jack and plays Bitman videos. GadgetMadness explains what Bitman is: Bitman is the creation of Japanese Art Performer “Meiwa Denki” and was an 8-bit electronic stick figure who would dance, pose, etc. The VideoBulb sounds interesting enough, but I think I […] » about 200 words

Republican National Convention To Be Windfall For NYC’s Sex Workers

The New York Metro reports that the sex industry is expecting a 20 to 50 percent uptick in business while the Republicans are in town for the Republican National Convention this week. Mary, a stripper at Ten’s Cabaret speaks from experience. She worked the 2000 RNC in Philadelphia and expects the strip clubs in NYC […] » about 400 words