Dual-WAN or Multi-WAN Load Balancing Routers

Bonding and 802.3ad/802.1AX link aggregation it’s not, but dual- or mutil-WAN load balancing seems like a good way to improve overall bandwidth and reliability. The Cisco/Linksys RV016 (just under $400) can group up to seven different WAN connections, but the customer reviews are only so-so. For a little more I can get a Peplink Balance […] » about 200 words

I’m A Fonero, Are You A Fonero Too?

Now that I’ve moved I’ve finally set up my Fonera. I had hoped to offer a story about the process, but it was so simple I can’t really say much more than “I plugged it in, I registered it, it worked.” The Fonera is a tiny little router/WiFi access point that looks worlds better than […] » about 500 words

Dawn Of The Citizen Professor?

It should be no surprise that journalists are talking about citizen journalism, but what of the disintermediation of other industries? Man-on-the-street Mark Georgiev told Marketplace: I didn’t want a certificate, I didn’t want any kind of accreditation, I really just wanted the knowledge. And I also wanted to work at my own pace. Georgiev, the […] » about 300 words

The Coming Information Age

That headline might seem a little late among the folks reading this. But we’re all geeks, and if not geeks, then at least regular computer users. Regular computer users, however, are a minority. Worldwide, only around 500 million people have internet access, and fewer than 100 million people in the US have internet access at […] » about 500 words

When You Don’t Have A GPS…

Geolocation by GPS my be the most straightforward approach, but we mustn’t forget the other ways to get lat/lon coordinates. All current cell phones support aGPS positioning to comply with federal E-911 mandates, but not all phones make it easy for the user to get that information out of them. Still, some do and GPS-enabled […] » about 400 words