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The Cost Of IE’s Non-Compliance

Google this month dropped Internet Explorer 6 support in Google Apps and YouTube, and others are lining up at Still, even newer versions of IE suffer from poor standards support, and there are doubts about the just announced IE9. To put this in perspective, is adding up the costs of all the workarounds […] » about 100 words

Fixing position: fixed In IE

It turns out the Internet Explorer doesn’t properly support CSS’s position: fixed. Google led me to the following:

The DoxDesk solution looks promising and simple, but I think bugs elsewhere in my layout are preventing it from working. It’s time to start again from scratch.

Damn PNGs in Internet Explorer

I don’t know why IE has never displayed my transparent PNGs correctly, but I know now that I’m not the only one with this complaint. Bob Osola (name?) shares my frustration, and better, he sat down and coded a solution, shared the code, and posted a wonderfully informative guide to the problem.

Not sure if your browser can display transparent PNGs properly? Follow that link for examples.