Ear Shrapnel Noise Grenade

Engadget calls it “skull-shattering fun” and Gizmodo labeled it “ear shrapnel.” It’s available at Paladone.com and Boy’s Stuff, though nobody seems to have yet found a domestic supplier. From the catalog page: The Sonic Grenade features three different levels of the most noxious sound since the last Westlife album. To launch, pull the pin and […] » about 200 words

More Bluetooth Hacks

As if bluejacking wasn’t fun enough, now a few folks have now taken it a little further and figured out how to connect to the growing number of Bluetooth handsfree sets all around us. Gizmodo fed me the link to what they’re calling “The Car Whisperer.” Nothing against these guys, but it’s not like they […] » about 100 words

Japanoid K-Cars

Gizmodo reported it a while ago, but a Canadian company called Japanoid is importing these and other tiny Japanese cars. How tiny? At or under 1.5 meters (under 5 feet!) wide with engines 660CC or under. They’re called Kei Jidousha, or Keicars, or just K-cars (though not to be confused with Chrysler’s K-Cars). Japanoid has […] » about 200 words