The Things They Do To Students At Rice

I won't say why I went looking for pictures of people getting poked with sticks (but you'll figure it out in a later post). I will say I was happy to find these from the <a href="" title="Poke-A-Spontaneous-Combustion-Member-With-A-Stick-Day">Poke-A-Spontaneous-Combustion-Member-With-A-Stick-Day</a> at <a href="">Rice University</a>. Look, they even have <a href="">a price list</a> that includes: <ul type="none"><li>$1<ul type="none"><li>poke with a stick</li> <li>song/poem on demand</li> <li>two minute massage</li> <li>lick a SC member</li></ul> </li> <li>$2<ul type="none"><li>picture with [unreadable]</li> <li>kissing</li> <li>whack with a stick</li></ul> </li> <li>$3<ul type="none"><li>marker tattoo</li></ul> </li> <li>$4<ul type="none"><li>attempt hedge jumping</li></ul> </li> <li>$5<ul type="none"><li>human piƱata</li> <li>shave a leg</li> <li>we wrestle each other</li></ul> </li> <li>$15<ul type="none"><li>jump <span style="text-decoration:underline;">into</span> hedges</li></ul></li></ul> » about 200 words