Is The Filesystem Finally Dead?

From Rob Foster/Nimble Design:

By releasing the iPhone OS, Apple is putting a bullet in the head of a long standing convention that most folks could do without.

He’s talking about the filesystem. User-accessible filesystems, anyway.

This isn’t news, I don’t think the Newton even had a hidden filesystem, but it hasn’t gotten old yet.

My question: when will I finally get a system that cleverly mixes cloud and local storage to give me seamless access to all my photos, videos, music, and email…ever?

Solaris’ CacheFS Could Be The Space Ship I’ve Been Looking For

Joerg Moellenkamp‘s post explaining CacheFS has me excited: Long ago, admins didn’t want to manage dozens of operating system installations. Instead of this they wanted to store all this data on a central fileserver (you know, the network is the computer). Thus netbooting Solaris and SunOS was invented. But there was a problem: All the […] » about 400 words