Configuring Amazon Linux For Web Services (Spring 2012)

I’ve tested this cookbook against Amazon Linux, but it will probably work just as well with the current version of CentOS. Basic Installation First, get root and update the OS: With that done, let’s get the basic packages and services installed: That gets us Apache HTTPD with SSL, PHP with a number of modules, Memcached, […] » about 400 words

Configuring Amazon Linux For Web Services

UPDATED: an updated installation cookbook is available. Amazon has introduced their own distribution of linux with tweaks to optimize it for their Elastic Compute Cloud platform. Like CentOS, it appears to be based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, though unlike the current versions of RHEL and CentOS, the packaged applications are up to date with […] » about 300 words

Apache Virtual Hosting Black Magic

I’ve configured Apache for virtual hosting on more sites than I can count, but I’ve always just kind of stumbled through until now. What’s changed? The Apache 2.2 documentation is worlds better than the old 1.3 docs (even though the old docs rank highest in Google). So here they are: name-based virtual hosts, plus virtual host configuration examples (including an example mixed name and IP virtual hosting, which is what I needed), and some tips on dynamically configured mass virtual hosting.