The code4lib Journal(s) I Should’ve Kept

<a href="">code4lib</a> was less than a month ago, but already I've forgotten some details. That's why I'm glad to have notes from Ed Summers (<a href="">day one</a>, <a href="">two, and three</a>), <a href="">Art Rhyno</a>, <a href="">Tom Hickey</a>, <a href="">Karen Coombs</a>, and <a href="">Ryan Eby</a>. » about 100 words

Standards Cage Match

I prefaced my point about how the standards we choose in libraries isolate us from the larger stream of progress driving development outside libraries with the note that I was sure to get hanged for it. It’s true. I commented that there were over 140,00 registered Amazon API developers and 365 public OpenSearch targets (hey […] » about 1000 words