This Guy Can Draw Circles Around You (And Me)

Found at, where the author expresses some amount of whiteboard-skills envy.

The video shows Alex Overwijk, head of Glebe Collegiate high school‘s math department (more trivia: Alanis Morrisette went there) drawing what appears to be a perfect circle.

This is something I do in my spare time. I draw freehand circles and then I found out there was a world championship…It’s like winning the Masters. Once you win, you automatically get invited back every year.

You won’t hear Overwijk claim it, but the video is often suggested to show the world freehand circle drawing champion at work. The Ottawa Citizen reports, however, that no such competition exists.

“It’s my schtick with my kids. I’ve been telling them this story for 10 years,” the Citizen quotes Overwijk, who later revealed that he’s thinking about starting a competition.

“We’ll do it for real. Yeah, why not?” he asked. “It’s pretty popular, apparently.”

And, if we remember our history, circle drawing and similar feats have been used to impress people for years.

Hard Math

I <a href="">found this photo</a> at <a href="" title="Mennonite Longhand Math"></a>. The title there is “Mennonite longhand math,” but can anybody identify the source or context? Can anybody work out the equation on the board? I've convinced my friend <a href="">Will</a>, who teaches math and physics, to pose for a shot like this, but that means we'll have find and fill a huge chalkboard...and he'll have to grow his beard back. » about 100 words