Treo 650 For Me

I’ve been talking up the Pepper Pad and Nokia 770 a lot, and I’ve mentioned a moment of lust for the LifeDrive (despite my complaints against PDAs), but today I bought a Treo 650 (even though I had doubts). My decision surprised me, but the following factors all weighed in its favor: My cell phone […] » about 200 words

Wolfram’s Tones

WolframTones mixes hard science with social software in the form of a ringtone generator. Each click on any of the 15 style buttons yields a “unique [note: not random] composition.” Why not random? The FAQs note: Once WolframTones has picked a Rule to use, all the notes it will generate are in principle determined. But […] » about 200 words

Policing By Cellphone

Though we imagine the Dutch to be a rather unexcitable lot, I did anyway, it turns out they have a history of getting rowdy at football games (yes, if this all happened back in the States I be calling it “soccer”). So it can’t be so much of a surprise that fans rioted again in […] » about 200 words