Love Letters From Your ISP

A friend got his own cease and desist letter the other day. His ISP forwarded the notice from a copyright enforcement agency along with five pages of content intended both to stop those that know they’re sharing and help out parents (or others) who may not be aware of what all is going on with […] » about 200 words


Via Gizmodo: a CD of annoying sounds at Twenty “ear splitting” sound effects and a pair of earplugs “for your sanity and protection” for £14.99. What 20 sound effects?

  • Drill
  • Party (at least 200 People)
  • Orgasm (Outstanding)
  • Train
  • Drum (Played by a Child)
  • Inhuman Screams
  • Walking (High Heels)
  • Domestic Squabble
  • Doors Banging
  • Bowling
  • Unhappy Dog
  • Practicing a violin
  • Traffic Jam
  • Garbage Truck
  • A screaming newborn baby
  • Phone Ringing
  • Ball Game
  • Pigeons
  • Spring house cleaning
  • Cock-a-Doodle-Do!

Usage instructions?

Choose your favourite track from this hilarious CD, turn up the volume, and sit back (or go out for half an hour) and reap sweet revenge.