casual friday

The War On Zombies

From Kim to Zach to me to you: Bush Vs. Zombies.

Now we know: the guy doesn’t understand the difference between fact and fiction. Most people thought Shaun of the Dead was horror/comedy, not documentary. Poor W probably read The Zombie Survival Guide as an instruction manual (don’t show him How To Survive a Robot Uprising, please).

Gah. The guy hired a cannibal, fears animal-human hybrids, and flip-flops on evolution.

Cliffy’s Office Prankd

Office pranks are a bit of a thing here. Well, at least in IT. Last year Matt took charge and put together a quartet of pranks that got the attention of the London Daily Mirror.

This video is from a May 2002 prank that put a golf cart with fuzzy dice and bobble headed Jesus in Cliffy‘s office along with a Vote Bush sign and other things. He was mad, to be sure. Zach, Matt, Jon, and Al did all the heavy lifting, I simply offered (not like I had a choice) my golf cart to the cause (Zach would quickly point out that I’d basically abandoned it at his house).

Colophon: Why am I publishing this video only now? Because the new iMovie 08 rocks. Really. The source material was shot on my old Sony Clie, but until now I didn’t really have tools that would make editing it down easy enough to be worth the effort (it’s still five minutes, I know).