20th Century Information Architecture

One hundred years ago the country was in the middle of a riot of library construction. Andrew Carnegie’s name is nearly synonymous with the period, largely due to his funding for over 1,500 libraries between 1883 and 1929, but architectural historian Abigail Van Slyck notes that the late 19th century was marked by widespread interest […] » about 300 words

carbon neutral living

APM Marketplace: news of a British model home. Highly insulated, carbon neutral, just 40% more$. Not just a demo, it’s going to be the law: all new UK buildings to must be carbon neutral by 2016. Economies of scale are said to reduce or eliminate the added cost by then.

Compact, Modular, And Lego-Like Housing

Compact, modular, and Lego-like housing is nothing new. Buckminster Fuller‘s Dymaxion House (now at the Henry Ford Museum), designed in the 1940s, was probably the first. But the Lustron House was actually sold commercially in the years after World War Two. Though it didn’t turn out to be a commercial success, the house did show […] » about 200 words