Liz Danzico on WordPress Usability

Liz Danzico of Happy Cog Studios spoke today about her consulting with Automattic on the design of the WordPress admin interface. As with so many of the presentation today, I’m really hoping the slides will be published soon, as there are some great ideas coming out. Liz spent a lot of time watching WordPress users […] » about 200 words

Native To Web & The Future Of Web Apps

Yahoo's Tom Coats was of seven star speakers at <a href="">Carson Workshops</a>' <a href="">Future of Web Apps Summit</a> last month. As usual, <a href="">Ryan Eby</a> was pretty quick to point out <a href="">his slides</a> to me, mostly by way of pointing out <a href="" title="Tom's Future of Web Apps, Translated for Product Managers (by Jeremy Zawodny)">Jeremy Zawodny's translation</a> of them. » about 500 words