WordPress + Invalid URLs = Extra Database Queries

After reporting weirdness last week I finally sat down with a completely clean and virgin install of WordPress 2.3.2 and traced what happens when you make a permalink request for a non-existent URL. Here are two sets of URLs to use as examples and context: These are valid URLs: http://site.org/archives/101 http://site.org/page-name These are _not_ valid […] » about 400 words

WordPress, Permalinks, Mod_Rewrite, and Avoiding 404s

I made a mistake in changing my WordPress permalinks, but by the time I’d discovered it my blog had already been indexed. Fixing the permalinks meant breaking those indexed URLs, leading to a bad user experience, but leaving them as is wasn’t really an option. Last night, after getting 404’d while using Google to search […] » about 400 words