What’s the minimum latency when using Triggertrap audio triggering?

CC-BY-NC-ND by airguy1988

CC-BY-NC-ND by airguy1988

The core point of Triggertrap is to release the camera shutter faster and more reliably than can be done by hand, so this is a bit concerning:

The explosion was so fast, that the Triggertrap and camera just weren’t fast enough to capture it.

So…what is the minimum latency between trigger noise and shutter signal when using the various Triggertrap devices?

It turns out they’ve gotten a lot of questions, and perhaps no small number of complaints about this issue with their mobile app. Here’s their answer for iOS:

[T]his translates to trigger times of less than 5ms if we’re lucky, and around 25m. if we’re not.

So, an object traveling at about 1,000 feet per second will have traveled somewhere between five and 25 feet by the time the camera has been signaled. Hopefully the camera’s latency is lower than that.