Geeking out on 4×5 photography

A set of links to videos I used to remind myself how to use my Toyo 45A 4×5 field camera, and a bit of inspiration I needed to get out there with it.

Mike Gray takes us on his first 4×5 portrait shoot.

In an Instant demos the Lomo Graflok instant back.

Dave White takes us on the water to shoot a portrait with a vintage lens on 4×5.

Analog Insights takes advantage of Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin for a complicated portrait.

Matt Osborne shows us how to use roll film backs on 4×5.

Robbie Maynard is documenting climate change on 4×5.

Irene Rudnyk takes us on her first large format portrait shoot.

Nico demonstrates the movements of a Toyo 45A.

Tom Humble does 4×5 street portraits in London with a Toyo 45A.

How to load a Grafmatic back.

Grainydays’ Mojave roadtrip, part 2.

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