Want: Canon’s EOS 50D

Canon’s sweet new EOS 50D

News of Canon’s new EOS 50D with ISO sensitivity as high as 12,800 has my mouth watering. I used to push my black and white film so much that development times were as long as 45 minutes (I bought super cheap ASA125 and pushed it to 1000) just so I could get decent natural light. I leave my Canon Digital Rebel set for 1600 and usually only remember to knock it back when I go outside and find I can’t shoot wide open. Three stops more light sensitivity is better than trading my $85 F1.8 50MM lens for the $1,500 F1.2 model. And my F3.5 10MM lens suddenly becomes useful in falling light. I expect there’s plenty of noise, probably a little less than the ISO1600 print film from yesteryear.