Corey Blanchette’s 365 Song Project

Corey in the skeevy hotel

The 365 photos meme was quite popular last year (despite the 366 day leap year). I might have joined, but it’s unlikely I would have finished. Instead, I’ve been pushing my my brother-in-law Corey Blanchette, nicknamed CoreyB or CoreyB603, to do 365 songs in 2009. He launched on January first and since then has done songs about elves, the serotonin in SaratogaAlbert Ayler, and a bunch of others.

My favorite so far is An Empty Room Doesn’t Cry But an Empty Person Might, a song that comes from what he describes as a “pretty pretentious” phase of his recording history.

Some of his songs are new; a number of them are previously recorded. You can make a request here, and subscribe to the podcast with this link: .