Why Can’t I Re-Check Spam With Akismet & WordPress 2.5? (Workaround)

I recently installed WordPress 2.5 and among the changes I noticed was a loss of Akismet‘s “Recheck Spam” button (or something like that. It didn’t seem like such a problem at the time, but then I got swamped with so much trackback and comment spam that the flood DOS‘d my server. I had to disable comments and trackbacks for a time, which brought my server back, but my moderation queue still had over 500 comments waiting for me. Most of those are spam, but I like to think there are a couple real comments among them.

And that’s when I really wondered where Akismet’s “Recheck Queue for Spam” button went.

I looked inside the code and found the appropriate functions there. In fact, it even includes a WP2.5 specific function, akismet_check_for_spam_button(). I’m not exactly sure why the button doesn’t appear, but at least all the code is still there to do the work, and all I have to do is manually check the URL:


And after running that a few times (it timed out a few times), my moderation queue went from over 500 to under 100. That’s something I can manage.

It’s worth noting, however, that all a person really has to do is update the darn Aksimet plugin. Reminder to self: It installs with the rest of WP with SVN, but I it doesn’t update with the rest of WP. A quick svn up inside the directory, however, is all it takes.