Tales of Woe

I just got IM’d by my friend Karen. Her sister got married this past weekend and they were all in New Hampshire for the event. Here’s the transcript:

hi – sooooo sorry we did not call

the wedding was insane

everything kept going wrong

all weekend

I didn’t really expect you to call.
Not that I didn’t want to see you guys, but weddings are crazy stuff.

the rehersal restaraunt closed, the chef for the reception quit, the organist over booked, the salon canceled our 10 reservations, my wedding dress never got finished, it rained during the party at my mom’s house….

Okay, so you didn’t think it would be that crazy.

yeah and the inn was over-booked and the woman running it was a bitch and there was no staff — I had to bus tables at brunch on Sunday

How do you tip for that sort of thing?

god I wish I had gotten tips! It would have made up for the craziness to a point

anyway the ceremony and reception were wonderful and if you were not involved with getting it pulled off you would never have known it was a disaster behind the scenes

It’s amazing how somebody else’s tale of woe can lighten the day. Sorry.