Sweet Portland

Multnomah County Central Library, Portland OR

Central Library in Portland wasn’t open when I returned the next morning to get some snapshots, but you’ll have to take my word that they did a great job renovating it ten years ago. The outside preserves the original appearance of this historic building, and the early hour of the shot hides the hive of activity that I found the previous afternoon.

I have to thank Caleb and Caroline for showing around town, and offer my apologies to Heidi and Alice, who had offered me tips and suggestions that I (again) didn’t have time to follow up on. Someday I’ll enjoy a Stanich burger; someday I’ll find Rimsky-Korsakoffee; heck, someday I’ll even get to Powells.

But as wonderful as those suggestions may be, I couldn’t imagine a better evening than I had with food and conversation at Farm Cafe followed by a sweet treat at Staccato Gelato.