SSH Tunneling Examples

Most of my work is available publicly, but some development is hosted on a private SVN that’s hidden behind a firewall. Unfortunately, my primary development server is on the wrong side of that particular firewall, so I use the following command to bridge the gap:

ssh -R 1980:svn_host:80

That creates a reverse tunnel through my laptop to the SVN server and allows me to checkout code using the following:


I’m posting that because I lost my terminal command history and had to think for a moment about how to do this again.

Years ago I used to tunnel my outgoing email to an un-authenticated SMTP server that only accepted outgoing messages from hosts on the local network. That was fairly common back in 2000 or so, but obviously made life (or communication) difficult for people at home or on the road. The easy solution was to SSH to a machine on mail server’s local network and forward emails through it.

ssh -L 1925:email_host:25 username@ssh_host

Doing that, I was able to configure my mail client to send outgoing emails using a server configuration like the following:

SMTP host: localhost<br /> SMTP port: 1925