Smack the SHHH Down on Noisy Cell Users

SHHH Card.Gizmodo was excited enough about the Draplin and Coudal SHHH cards:

Two designers have made these warning cards for obnoxious cell phone users, available in convenient PDF download-and-cut-out form. It’s a good way to make it clear to people they’re talking too loudly, and a good way to eventually get into a good, American fist-fight. Then someone can hand you a card that explains why they found your teeth in their soda to be “more than a little annoying.”

“SHHH,” of course, stands for Society for HandHeld Hushing.

While I think it’s probably just a plan to build traffic to the Draplin and Coudal sites, it’s interesting nonetheless. Readers should also take note of EGBG Counter-script from a couple years back.