Shuffling iPods

I couldn’t help but want one when they were released. I still wanted one after reading the reviews. And I couldn’t help but think about buying one when I finally got to play with it in the store. My wife, loving me and knowing me as she does, got me one.

Yes, I got a video iPod for Christmas.

Thing is, presents like this create a crisis. How do I extract the gigabytes of music I’ve accumulated on the old iPod? Answer: iPodRip from The Little App Factory. It copies the contents of your iPod back to your computer — including the playlists and without duplicating any songs you do have on your computer. Once iPodRip is done, the next step is to plug in the new iPod and synchronize from there.

But what about video? Digigami offers MoviesForMyPod as a free download. It easily converts any QuickTime readable file into an iPod playable movie.