Reader Report: PIE iPod Input Adapter

A reader, Mike, wrote in to reccomend the Precision Interface Electronics aux input adapter to connect the audio from my iPod to my Scion’s factory head unit.

I don’t know if you ever found a solution to connecting your iPod to your Scion head unit, but if not, you can use this adapter to add an AUX input to the Scion factory head unit.

I asked Mike for followup and details, and he offered this:

I am not affiliated with, I sent that link because I am comfortable recommending that retailer based on my past experience with them. That particular part is available from a variety of other retailers as well.

I myself have not used that particular part but I have installed similar products from that manufacturer in customer’s vehicles (I install stereos as a side job). Sound quality is just the same as if the receiver had its own AUX input jacks.

I have yet to try any input adapters, so it’s nice to get reader feedback. Thanks, Mike.

A quick glance at the PIE website shows that the adapter is available in several models for compatibility with cars and stereos from a the full range of manufacturers.

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