NH License Plates

For a variety of reasons, I was happy to discover that NH allows drivers to check the availability of vanity plates online (though, somewhat nervous find that the state uses Microsoft servers). The search enlightened me to a variety of plates I didn’t know about. We’ve all seen the “veteran” and “Purple Heart” plates, and a few “antique” plates, but I’ve never seen a “street rod” plate. But there are even more plates available.

Then I found Plate Shack‘s library of Bicentennial plates from New Hampshire. Down at the bottom of the page is a collection of “custom town plates” that were issued in place of the standard front plate. Those plates are from 1976, but “the tradition continues, as New Hampshire allows cities and towns to design custom front plates to celebrate important events or fund the restoration of historical sites.”

So now I’m wondering, why doesn’t Warren have a custom plate honoring our famed rocket?