NELINET 2006 IT Conference Proposal

I recently submitted my proposal for the 2006 NELINET Information Technology Conference.

It’s about WPopac, of course, but the excitement now is that the presentation would be the story of the first library outside PSU to implement it.

WPopac is an open source replacement for a library’s online catalog that improves the usability, findability, and remixability of the library’s collection.

This presentation will detail the implementation of WPopac in the real world, including discussion of challenges and costs, as well as the improvements to service and increased access to library materials.

I’m keeping mum about who’s implementing just now, but the three presenters in the proposal include me, the web designer and usability engineer, and the library director.

Cross your fingers for us, and stay tuned for a public release of this mystery library’s new catalog soon.

update: I should have noted that I submitted this proposal late (it was due Friday, I submitted Monday). Siobhan, who has the enormous task of organizing the conference, wrote back to thank me for the proposal, but explained that the conference committee had already selected speakers — “I cracked the whip on this because we’re running a little behind in our planning.”

Still, she did suggest:

However, we would love to have you and your colleagues come speak at a NELINET seminar, particularly now as you have information about implementation and usage of WPopac.