Inter-AZ cloud network performance

Archana Kesavan of ThousandEyes speaking at NANOG75 reports that network traffic between AZs within a single region is generally “reliable and consistent,” and that tested cloud providers offer a “robust regional backbone for [suitable for] redundant, multi-AZ architectures.”

ThousandEyes ran tests at ten minute intervals over 30 days, testing bidirectional loss, latency, and jitter. Kesavan reported the average inter-AZ latency for each tested cloud:

.82ms 1.05ms 0.79ms

Within the four tested regions in AWS, they found:

Region Latency
us-east-1 0.92ms
ap-south-1 0.72ms
eu-west-2 0.61ms
sa-east-1 1.13ms

Kesavan’s slides and video are online.