Indian Frankie

a frankie at Slashfood.

The plan was to meet Jessamyn and Greg at the India Queen last night, so discovering this note yesterday on Slashfood about “frankies” had the added excitement of both discovering a new food I wanted to eat, and being in a position to get it that day — the sort of instant satisfaction one doesn’t expect in these parts. Here’s the description:

The frankie is an Indian street-type food made of a thin bread similar to a tortilla that is coated with egg and fried. The tortilla is filled with meat and/or vegetables, then rolled like a burrito.

[This frankie was filled with] enormous chunks of lamb meat straight out of Hades. Granted, I wasn’t reaching for the fire extinguisher, but it was still spicy enough that on a breezy winter day in LA, I had to lightly dab my forehead. I felt awesome.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be, as the Queen was closed when we arrived, and for all I know they don’t serve them anyway. Maybe next time.