Identity Management Podcast

Josh Porter and Alex Barnett got Dick Hardt and Kim Cameron on the line to talk about Identity Management. The result is available as a podcast.

I should add that Josh and Alex are big on the attention economy and social software, so they’re asking questions about how IdM works in those contexts. Most people thinking about IdM today seem to be thinking about its uses in the enterprise or in education, but when I say identity management is the next big thing, I mean it in the social context that Josh and Alex are rooted in.

Alex’s notes:

  • What are the biggest problems we need to solve for online identity?
  • The paradox of silos and a single solution
  • The Laws of Identity and the Sxip protocols
  • Consistent user experience
  • Read / Write identity and Attention Data
  • Separating identity establishment & management and attention & transactional data management
  • Trading attention data
  • Attention data and reputational data
  • Sxore and Blog comment spam and trackbacks are an identity problem
  • Attention data maintenance
  • Personally Identifying Information – PII data maintenance
  • How would ecommerce sites make use of Attention data?
  • Enterprise-level privacy
  • Haven’t already we lost our privacy?

It’s going on my iPod now.