Hungry-Man XXL!

The marketers and designers for this product found their audience, and know how to speak to them. Just look at the pictures.

How could they make a product like this?

“I know what I like, and I like a lot of it” reads the text next to the over-weight, blue-collared white boy on the back. In bold yellow type at the bottom, it reads “it’s good to be full.”

How could they make a product like this?

With 1.5 pounds of food, this preprocessed meal delivers 1140 Calories, 70% of your recommended fat intake (84% of saturated fats), and 123% of your recommended sodium. It proudly provides more of everything that Americans want in their food.

[update:] Amanda Brenner comments on the The Hungry Man XXL double standard and a recent TV commercial for the product:

Oh! Did I mention that both of the men are FAT?

I don’t mean pleasingly plump. I mean lard bucket big jeans break the sofa springs fat.

These are fat guy dairy cows. The slogan is, believe it or not, “It’s good to be full”.

Is it good to be lonely? Is it good to die at 30?

Lay off the Hungry Man XXL. Your car is leaning to the left.

There’s also a story about Hungry-Man XXL Breakfast at

…64 grams of fat, 2,090 milligrams of sodium, and enough cholesterol to kill anything that’s ever lived. The ‘justification’ is that you’re supposed to eat shitty food in the morning, as it supplies you with a suitable amount of energy to get through the day. Unfortunately, Swanson’s supplying you with enough ‘energy’ to get through a week, and even if the only other thing you ate after this breakfast was oxygen, there’s still a relatively high chance that your ass will grow hands and tie your intestines in knots to prevent this shit from ever passing through. Really, really awful stuff.

And mystery of mysteries, it looks like a few of the Hungry-Man XXL dinners are available from Amazon’s Gourmet section.