Harmon’s Lunch

I learned of Harmon’s Lunch from a mention on The Splendid Table a few weeks ago. I wrote down the following quote from the show from memory, so it may not be entirely accurate:

They have two things on the menu, and nobody ever orders the other one. They serve hamburgers, and the only option is with or without onions.

As it turns out, the menu is a little richer than suggested. Red relish, mustard, and yellow cheese round out the toppings you can order, and celery salt sits with the condiments (including the traditional ketchup) at every table.

Founder Marvin Harmon died in 2003 at the age of 83. He opened the restaurant in 1960 and quickly became known for making the best hamburgers in Maine. The place has been in good hands since his 1985 retirement, though, as it’s still a popular place serving fresh-cooked burgers and fries to those who can find it.

And finding it can be a little difficult. Our first directions led is in a circle, our second directions got us lost, the third set of directs told us to look for landmarks we didn’t find. We were getting closer with every try, though. So the fourth bunch of directions just had to turn us around and get us headed the right direction. It was a pretty drive, even if a little uncertain. Use this map if you’d like to avoid some confusion.

{{ figure src=“64966981_ca5d54872f.jpg” caption=“Harmon’s Lunch and Hamburgers, Falmouth Maine.” link=“" }}