1984 Wasn’t Like 1984

1984 book cover

For those who watch the ads as intently as the game, it’s hard not to think of Apple’s 1984 commercial. And from that thin thread, I’m reminded of the Ministry of Re-shelving and, now, the Ministry of Love.

I discovered the last from a comment here, and after looking them up, I decided to contribute a few copies to the cause.

The notes I sent along requested the following:

  • Please dedicate this copy to Sununu (R-NH).
  • Please dedicate this copy to Gregg (R-NH).
  • Please dedicate this copy to a deserving member of the regime.
  • Please consider excising dangerous pages of this copy (all of them?) and dedicating it to a worthy member of the ministry of truth
  • Please mark this copy “step by step instructions for tyrants” and dedicate to a worthy member of the regime.

And along the way, I discovered: Students for an Orwellian Society, UNAMERICAN, and this story about how the Whitehouse’s comment submission has turned against the public.